From experiencing burnout to partnership disputes to retirement, there are many reasons why restaurant owners decide to close the doors or to turn their business over to new operators. That's where Restaurant Realty Group comes in. With decades of experience in the restaurant industry under our belts, we can help restaurant owners get the most out of selling their establishments. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, resulting in a simple and hassle-free experience.



When you choose Restaurant Realty Group to facilitate the sale of your restaurant, you are choosing a professional firm committed to your success. We are very sensitive to your requests and are more than capable of valuating, marketing, negotiating and managing the sale of your restaurant all the way through escrow and closing. No matter if you are selling a restaurant business, restaurant real estate or both, our experts can help you set the right price and conduct a smooth and swift closing. 

Here's how we work:

  1. First off, we discuss with you all the necessary information and documents we will need to list your restaurant with us. Both the information and compilation of documents can lead to a higher selling price and a quicker deal.

  2. Next, we analyze and compare the restaurant's performance with market and buyer trends. This helps us come to a fair price that attracts buyers. There’s a fine line between being too high and losing out on a prospective buyer, and too low and not realizing the highest potential sale price.

  3. Then, we create and implement a sound marketing strategy that increases the exposure of your restaurant, helping attract even more prospective buyers. 

  4. Lastly, we vet interested buyers and help you negotiate your asking price (if necessary), and the terms and conditions of the sale. This makes sure you aren’t being shortchanged or being forced to take a bad deal.



Restaurant Realty Group will expose your business to more qualified buyers and sell your business faster, saving you valuable time and money. Our comprehensive restaurant industry knowledge and involvement has allowed us to develop a vast network of highly qualified buyers with cash to purchase your business. Our buyers are either seeking turnkey profitable business opportunities or they are looking to purchase your prime location for its assets. We also conduct continuous local, regional and national advertising campaigns that help get your business in front of more buyers.


We are committed to maintaining the confidential nature of our business transactions throughout the entire listing term and sales process. Unless you direct us otherwise, all public advertising & marketing exposure of your restaurant for sale is done in a “blind” format and will not include revealing photos or an address. All inquiries are carefully profiled and screened after which buyers are required to sign our binding Non-Disclosure Agreement. No sensitive information will be released without a pre-qualification profile, a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and an interview with one of our agents.

Our experienced brokers will help you set realistic expectations that will help sell the business smoothly and swiftly. We understand the sensitive nature of selling your business and work hard to protect the confidentiality of any information you share with us.

PRIVACY: Restaurant Realty Group, LLC will keep any and all information you provide us private. We will never sell your information and we will only use it for communicating with you.